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Amy Michaels Illustrations And Album Design

I had the privilege to work on designing the cover and CD artwork for Amy Michaels and the Good Time Girls’ debut album—a project that involved cracking out the coloured pencils to create some custom illustrations.

Amy describes herself and her band as: ‘A cabaret show with the right mix of witty tunes, toe-tapping jazz and tongue-in-cheek burlesque. Amy’s powerhouse voice and quirky lyrics will make you giggle and swoon. Her colourful, original tunes filled with fun & mischief are a breath of fresh air.’


So with a brief to deliver an album design that portrayed a sense of theatre, fun and entertainment, we set about creating a fusion of classic theatre elements with iconic pinup-style performers.


Working closely with Amy to get the look and the style just right, I produced three pinup girl illustrations using coloured pencils, with some finishing touches applied in Photoshop. We then developed a background texture to use on the album cover that featured a spotlight effect for the girls to stand on.


Finally, we designed the logo, chose some fonts, picked colours and developed a very cool ‘old theatre sign’ to frame the logo on the front cover.

Amy Michaels and the Good Time Girls perform on a regular basis in venues around Brisbane, and also at special events and festivals around Australia. To find out when and where they are performing next, follow them on Facebook.

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