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Ashley X Photoshoot And Brand Design

Ruth has been one of my more interesting clients, requiring a logo, branding, business card and photography for her stage character ‘Ashley X’. What began as a casual briefing session and chat at the Cleanskin Coffee Co. coffee and roasting house, turned into a fun and most enjoyable project with a great result!

The initial part of the brief involved some photography that would help to establish her new character. The images would then also be used to promote Ashley X’s debut performance via online advertising and social media. The image she was after was slick, theatrical, yet a tad playful. We setup some studio lighting to create high contrast images mostly in black and white, with some involving a subtle reference to her dance pole

I then set about designing the logo. Again the brief included words such as ‘slick’, ‘performer’ and ‘pole’. I looked at lots of fonts and shapes that related to performance and theatre, and worked through many options including various ‘X’ designs, spot lights, curtains, feathers and stage lights.

After presenting a selection of final concepts we decided on the final design. The logo is made up of a main logotype with a closely aligned tagline. The fonts are reminiscent of theatre signage in the early 1900’s giving a slick, retro feel. The main logotype also features stylised stage lights throughout to help further enhance the theatrical inference. The background was developed by mixing elements of stage curtains, fancy wallpaper, dance poles and a spot light. The purple adds a regal and luxurious feel to the brand.

The business card was to feature only a phone number, so the logo and monotone portrait were made into the heroes taking pride of place on both side of the card.

Finally a custom header and one of the portraits were used to setup an Ashley X Facebook business page. Taking advantage of the new timeline feature that had only been launched the day before, the visual nature of timeline suited this brand image perfectly! The page can be viewed at

The debut performance was a success, and Ashley X was officially launched. The business cards are a hit and the Facebook page is getting more likes every day.

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