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Blue Sky Coffee Photoshoot

After the success of the first coffee shop photoshoot for furniture website North Hem, I had the pleasure of undertaking a second shoot—this time at one of Brisbane’s landmark coffee locations, Blue Sky Coffee at Newstead.

Part of the brief was to capture how the pebble grey Ceni Sofa and Myron square coffee table look inside a busy coffee shop, however the more significant aim of this project was to inspire other cafés and businesses to consider different and new styles of furniture that perhaps they haven’t before.

Blue Sky was conceived out of a passion for coffee, and led to the birth of one of Brisbane’s early cafes with coffee roaster on site. In a sense, you still feel this passion. Just as blue sky smiled on the very first shipment of green beans, so too do the faces of the people that serve you.

Apart from the epic mural on the wall, featuring the Story Bridge, stunning art pieces from Fireworks Art Gallery also provide a great optical experience.

The full collection of images are in the gallery below, plus you can read the article on the North Hem website here.

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