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Britax LED Beacons Photography And Digital Manipulation

Disclaimer: this project was undertaken as an employee of ESG. All trademarks and work created remain copyright of the ECCO Safety Group and are reproduced here with permission.

As part of the overall branding for the Britax BF Series LED beacon range, a lot of time, thought and effort was put into creating a strong and distinctive visual imagery that would help tell the safety product story. Rather than focussing on the products themselves, the branding—and specifically the imagery—tells the story of keeping equipment and operators safe in dangerous working conditions. It was from this idea that I developed the ‘safety dome’ concept: a ‘forcefield’ hand-painted in Photoshop that was then modified and superimposed over various photographs we took of vehicles and machinery.

The first step was to scout around Brisbane to find appropriate locations and vehicles. Once these had been established, photographs were taken on mostly overcast days to help create the desired moody look and feel—plus the lower levels of contrast would eventually help the ‘safety domes’ to stand out better on the finished images.

Below you can see the original photograph on the top left, then on the top right effects and processes were applied to create a grungy industrial look. Then in the bottom left image the beacon was edited to be the appropriate model and type, and then was lit up using Photoshop techniques. And finally the bottom right image has the ‘safety dome’ applied over the top … taking special care to ensure details such as foreground elements and also the rear half of the dome were carefully edited to ensure the dome appeared to sit on the ground around the vehicle.

Then the final images were used in the printed brochure, social media channels, press and online ads, plus on the website.


A series of seven images were created to cover industries including mining, construction, infrastructure, road works, and roadside assistance.

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