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CampBoss By All 4 Adventure Brand Design

From initial logo concepts right through to labels and packaging for the entire product range, we worked with Jase and the All 4 Adventure team to create CampBoss and CampBoss 4X4.

CampBoss is the brainchild of Jase Andrews: one of our favourite and most well known Aussie adventurers. Jase has spent a lifetime in the bush and over a decade making the top rating outdoors TV programme, ‘All 4 Adventure’. Jase knows a thing or two about off-road and camping products and after years of using, testing and often breaking our most commonly used brands, he has developed his own range of gear. The range incorporates all of the features he wants to find in 4WD, camping and bush cooking products.

The process began by creating two related yet distinct logos for CampBoss and CampBoss 4X4.


These are some of the initial sketches that lead to the development of the CampBoss logo. Rather than using specific camping gear items such as chairs or axes, we focused on the hub of the campsite which is the campfire. Through the ideation process a stylised ‘CB’ for CampBoss was worked into the flame shape.

For the 4X4 logo we translated the CampBoss logotype—including the subtle tent reference in the ‘A’—and created a 4X4 brandmark that also serves as an icon in certain applications.

Both the CampBoss logos can be used with and without ‘by All 4 Adventure’ depending on space and context. The CB flame icon and the 4X4 icon feature in various places including the inside flaps of the product boxes.


We worked to translate the logos onto the range of camping and 4X4 products. Simplicity in design was critical for this process, with the strong design elements easily translating into screen printing, offset printing, plastic moulding, engraving, and embroidery. The designs work just as well on the side of a large swag as they do on a tiny zipper.


We then worked with the team to create a range of box designs, allowing the products to be introduced into the retail environment. We designed an ‘authentic product’ stamp featuring Jase to translate some brand equity from the TV show across to the product range.

Each box relates to the others in the range, creating a sense of quality and consistency that enhances and builds the brand reputation. The camping and 4X4 products are distinguished by a simple colour variation, but are otherwise aligned in terms of style, fonts and layout. Icons on the front are used to highlight key features while more detailed descriptions are featured on the sides.


Along with instruction sheets and swingtags for many of the products in the range, we also created a collection of product catalogues for retail and wholesale customers, plus some promotional display items including pull-up banners and an in-store retail display backing.


The launch video by InVision Media features actual footage of the gear in use during filming of Series 11 of All 4 Adventure, along with the CampBoss logos, brand elements, products and boxes.

You can follow CampBoss on Instagram, along with All 4 Adventure on Instagram and Facebook—plus the CampBoss range of products are available for purchase on the All 4 Adventure website.

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