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In my previous article ‘Branding is more than just a logo’, I talked about how telling the story of an organisation can make a real impact in the way you promote and sell your products and services. But it also runs much deeper than that. It can, and will, alter the whole way the business runs and is perceived both internally and externally.

When I talk about empowering businesses and organisations to establish and communicate their story, I mean this:

Creating your business’ story is the process of discovering, establishing and refining what the true purpose and mission of your organisation is—rather than focusing on products and services—which is then worked and designed into every aspect of your branding and communications. Part of this process is to investigate who your organisation’s customers are, and then to determine what needs and desires those customers have.

So, how does all this help your business or organisation?

Well firstly, the story allows you to clearly and easily communicate with your clients and customers—particularly those who identify with (and therefore connect with) your story. Rather than trying to push products or services onto potential or existing customers, you’re actually communicating to them that you understand their needs or requirements, and then ultimately you create the environment to present them with the solution (in the form of your products and services). This whole process also allows your organisation to stand out and differentiate from your competitors, which in turn will enable your business to be successful and profitable.

But it’s not all about your customers and the outside world! A vastly overlooked and crucial aspect of branding is actually internal. At a management level, the story and branding provides a clear vision on what the company is all about and where it’s heading into the future. As such the branding will help guide future business decisions based on the goals and mission that has been established for the organisation. At a more holistic level, a powerful story and effective branding will communicate to, and connect with, the staff within the organisation. This leads to an increase in staff morale and also productivity—since EVERYONE has clarity of and engagement with the mission. Employees that believe in what the company is doing and where it is heading, are far more likely to remain stimulated and enthusiastic about their role within the organisation, and are also more likely to be proud of the organisation they work for.

Evocative offers consultation to establish your organisation’s story, develop a branding and communication strategy, then communicate that story via a range of creative services.

Ben Johnston

A core belief of mine is that working with clients on their brand identity should be fun, challenging and meaningful. I work with business owners to realise their own passion and vision for the future—seeing their consequential success is a testament to the power of brand identity.  

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