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Fiver For A Farmer Brand Design

One of the great things about running a small business is having the opportunity and capability to help those in need. So when my fellow Edgeware classmate and client approached me about doing some branding for her charity campaign, I of course jumped at the chance.

Terri and Nicola describe their ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ campaign like this:

Together both of us have supported and fundraised for many Australian causes and this year we would like to help out our farmers more. The idea behind this campaign is that most of us spend more than $5 on a cup of coffee but yet complain when we pay $5kg for broccoli. Most of our farmers’ children have never in their lives seen rain nor a swimming pool or beaches. It is about time our farmers get more support from their fellow Aussies.

I started with designing the logo: images of families, communities, and helping hands were some of the initial ideas. As these evolved I developed a bit of circular theme where stylised objects began to make radial patterns. As these were developed further, the iconic image of the farmer’s windmill began to materialise.


While I really liked some of the more family or community based stylised images, it was a sketch of multiple hands giving a five dollar note that struck the right chord. Playing with the hands and notes, it was eventually simplified to the point that the hands giving were just inferred, but the shape of the notes being handed over were retained.

By simplifying this right back, the logo was also able to be further developed into an iconic windmill shape—a symbol of life and sustenance in rural Australia. The ‘5’s were retained for clarity of message, however a more subtle addition was the colour choice … taken straight from the latest Australian five dollar note design. The colours also create a radiant effect in the windmill shape, which symbolises new hope.

Once the logo was designed, a teardrop flag design, tent banner, and stickers for the windmills were created. All of which debuted at the recent Strawberry Festival at the Sandstone Point Hotel. Terri, Nicola and the rest of the volunteers raised over $1,000 on the day through donations and windmill sales.

You can find out more on how to support this great cause on their Facebook page: with funds going towards assisting Aussie Helpers:

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