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Google Search is a highly complicated, sophisticated and ever-changing beast that can often mean the difference between a business’ online failure or success. The days of keyword stuffing and listing your website on hundreds of ‘directory’ sites are well and truly over—to the point where undertaking some of the old SEO tricks will in fact lead Google to penalise your website and actually decrease its page rank!

Fear not, the talented people over at have put together what can only be described as an epic infographic of Google’s 200 page rank factors. Now as always, this is only a guide and the simple fact is: Google won’t release an official list of page rank factors as this would obviously distort the true search engine results. However a combination of official Google information, general website testing, plus a bit of trial and error, have led to this comprehensive list of 200 Page Rank Factors that Google’s algorithm uses to return search results.

To view the full size version of the infographic: click here.



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