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Launch Lifestyle Club Brand Design

The Launch Lifestyle Club is a brand new startup that will be ‘launching’ soon in South East Queensland:

Launch Lifestyle Club provides the use of lifestyle resources without the hassles or costs involved in ownership. We offer affordability, access and convenience to members, who can use our resources while at home or on holidays. With a potential market of about 6 million, Launch Lifestyle Club is seeking investors and ready to go to market once investment is secured.

While traditional providers charge higher prices to cover downtime of assets, this will not be a requirement for Launch Lifestyle Club so our pricing structure is significantly more accessible. We will operate under a triple-bottom-line philosophy where profitability is enhanced by the planning, implementation and measurement of social and environmental factors. A Prospectus detailing significant planning and financial projections is available to potential investors. Procurement is under way and arrangements for vessel manufacture, legal input, insurance provision and opening locations are well advanced.

I had the privilege to work on the branding for this exciting new concept, starting with the corporate mark (logo) design. While the club is initially focusing on the marine side of things, the logo needed to be broad enough to encompass a whole range of lifestyle resources. Coupled with the brand’s tagline ‘Get out there.’, I developed a stylised ‘L’ that evoked images of both a boat’s wake and also a road or track heading off into the distance. The upward shape of the ‘L’ also has connotations of escape and freedom.

The ‘L’ device was then integrated into the branding, allowing it to flow across various different applications both online and in print—including business cards:


Rick and Michelle from Launch Lifestyle Club also needed a prospectus document to assist with their pitching to potential investors. I designed this document as a tri-fold, which allowed the gradual revealing of the information in the order that best told the story of the business idea.


Launch Lifestyle Club’s website will be in action soon, but until then you can follow them on their Facebook page.

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