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Code 3 Pursuit Brand Design

Disclaimer: this project was undertaken as an employee of ESG. All trademarks and work created remain copyright of the ECCO Safety Group and are reproduced here with permission.

This was a branding project for a new LED lightbar product that I undertook while working in-house at ESG. The lightbar which was designed in-house by the Australian ESG team from the ground up, already had a name but no visual identity. It also had to work alongside the existing parent brand of Code 3.

The logo I designed and was chosen as the final is pictured above, and while it’s not typical of product logos in this category, it is very distinctive and has a certain edgy sleekness about it. Part of design solution was to show speed, precision, as well as cutting-edge technology. In the end I also managed to get a stylised version of the actual product into the logo in the form of the blue lightbar flash at the top.

Once the logo was finalised, I designed and created a product brochure which included custom photography and copywriting. I also wrote, filmed, edited and produced (including custom music and voiceover) the release video below.

Hit the ‘HD’ button for the best video quality

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