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SMART Environmental Equipment Brand Design And Communications

SMART Environmental Equipment (SEE) specialises in machinery to cleanly and efficiently shred, sort and reduce volume of common construction, commercial and household waste. This includes shredding glass, paper, cardboard, rubber and metals ready for recycling, plus separating and sorting metal from building materials, used timber, electrical cables, and more. This process reduces the volume of non-recyclable materials by up to 80%, increasing efficiency while reducing cost in waste transport and landfill management.

When looking at SEE’s communications, we focused not as much on the machines but the actual beneficial outcome for both operators and society in general. By taking this approach SMART Environmental Equipment’s vision became: ‘to create a more sustainable future for generations to come’. Along with SEE’s existing logo and tagline ‘SEE the difference’, we added the bi-line: ‘Smart solutions to reduce waste volume and extract materials for recycling’ to help sum up what the business is all about while touching on the key mission points.

The first design task was to create a website that delivered the core message, while also showcasing the wide range of machinery available and the vast diversity in various materials that the machines are able to process and sort. The style and colour scheme were created based on the existing logo colours; then the site structure, layout and written content were all created and implemented into the responsive site.


We then undertook a video and photoshoot of one of SEE’s flagship products: the Lindner Urraco 75. Filmed and shot on-site at a Brisbane recycling facility, the photos and video were then used to produce an electronic and interactive company capability statement.


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