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Storybook & Co. Brand Design

Storybook & Co. are a small team of professional planners and stylists that design and organise everything from finding the perfect location, hiring and managing vendors, scheduling, right through to logistics, paperwork and emails. They help plan and style weddings, private celebrations, and corporate gatherings.

They had an existing logo, but as a relatively new business no other branding work had been done. The team also felt that the logo needed to be refreshed to bring it more in line with the business’ direction. Key words used to describe the brand included ‘elegance’, ‘flow’ and ‘romance’.

The first step was to work on the blue ‘watercolour’ background of the logo, refining the texture and cleaning up the edges. We then also vectorised it so it could be scaled up and down in size without it breaking apart (like a JPEG background would). The client had already found a font that they felt suited their brand and personality, which we then took and customised to make it less of a font and more of a logotype. We also brought the letters closer together and thickened the lines so that it would reproduce well in both print and online.

As Storybook & Co. are very active on social media—particularly Instagram—we felt that a secondary contracted logo would be beneficial to fit inside Instagram and Facebook’s round avatar shape. The design consisted of a modified background ‘watercolour’ shape that would fit into a circle, plus a modified logotype that consisted of the letters ‘SB&Co.’ … which also gets used as a sign-off on their social media posts. This contracted version not only fits better into the circle, but scales well—particularly in Facebook where the logo gets very small when appearing in the comments section.

We then created some basic logo rules, chose some fonts, selected a colour palette, and included some usage examples.

We then worked on some press ad designs (half page and full page), the first of which will appear in the Queensland Brides magazine.

You can visit Storybook & Co.’s website at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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