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Top Cat Computers Brand Refresh

A project Evocative worked on was a brand refresh for Top Cat Computers. Top Cat already had a logo that works quite well, but their branding previously consisted of a black background and a clumsy all-caps type font. So the main objectives of this project were to modernise the look and feel of the brand while adding additional content to the website and undertake a photoshoot of product images.

The first change was to make the corporate background white instead of black. Not only did this allow the logo to be used without a white keyline around it, but it helps for the black and orange in the logo to really pop or the page or screen. We then picked a more modern font that had upper and lowercase letters for better legibility. And finally we added the distinctive orange gradient stripe that is now featured on all their branding.

The business card (pictured above) is a clean and simple two-sided design that was created to look both professional and friendly (approachable). Rather than using regular and bold fonts to highlight information, we opted for different font sizes mixed with various use of orange and black text for emphasis. This design was then translated onto the Top Cat Computers Facebook page via the profile picture and cover image:

The final part of the project was to shoot various products that Top Cat supply and then integrate them into a new WordPress based responsive website design. Eric from Top Cat was keen to make the shift across to WordPress so he could easily update content due to the very fast past that technology and products change, plus he was keen to start blogging about new products, service offers and also add tips, tricks and information to the site which would then become a value-add to his customer base.

The website takes on the same fonts, colours and elements as the rest of the brand, just with the addition of the black background to help break up what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of white space. The photos we took are placed throughout the site, some as feature images such as on the front page slideshow, and others are deep etched and placed within product groups to help customers identify what they’re looking for.

With the responsive design, the Top Cat Computers website resizes itself automatically across various devices and screen sizes. To see for yourself, visit on a computer and drag the size of the browser winder bigger and smaller, and you’ll see all the elements reorganise themselves in realtime.

Evocative also spent quite a bit of time developing copy that was written in a way that most people could understand, even if they are not overly familiar with computers. This was of the upmost importance considering one of the main services Top Cat offer is helping and assisting people with new computer, software and accessory setup with training.

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