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Tungsram Megalight Packaging

How do you make choosing a headlight globe easier through the use of visual communication? Answer: by rethinking how the consumer makes their buying decision, and then making that choice easier through use of shape, colour and design. This was a project I undertook while working in an in-house role alongside the sales and product development team.

We were about to launch a new range of headlight globes into an already busy marketplace, and we needed a major point of difference in order to stand out from the competition. Our research had indicated that most consumers were completely confused by the information that other manufacturers were marketing their products with. Other brands focused on things like the colour of the glass, how many percent brighter this one was over another – most of this making no sense to the average consumer. Considering most people don’t even know what the blue coating is for, we decided to categorise the different globes by where they would be used and under what circumstances.

The product range consisted of high output globes in four different variations: clear glass, spilt blue glass, blue glass, and dark blue glass.

We then set about categorising the globes by where they would be most appropriately used, developing the four following scenarios:

  • Outback driving on long straight roads
  • A mix of coastal and regional driving
  • An all-round mix of coastal and city driving
  • City and suburban driving, plus all-weather driving

Then to simplify these messages, we came up with a name for each: Plus60 for the clear, Fusion for the split glass, Drive for the blue coated one, and Storm for the dark blue globe. It was then up to me to integrate the existing Megalight brand names with the new names, and develop a visual system to make the products easy to choose.

The Plus60 is designed for long straight roads, so the graphic device symbolises a straight road disappearing into the distance, and is combined with a ‘plus’ symbol that relates to the name. The Fusion device is made up of two equal parts symbolising the split glass design and also the dual purpose use of the globe in coastal and regional driving. The Drive device is symbolic of the windy roads in coastal and hinterland areas. And finally the Storm graphic device relates to the all-weather use, but also the colour of the light output being similar to the whiteness of lightning.

All of the logos were designed to work together as a set, being complimentary to each other but still with enough distinction to differentiate the different variations of globe.

To add impact to the designs and to make the buying process even easier, dedicated colours were assigned to each logo. The colours related to both the colour output of the globe and the physical design of the glass on each.

The logos were then translated into marketing collateral including packaging, brochures, catalogue listings and retail displays. To complement the logos, each product line also featured a dynamic road device in the foreground to create unity within the range. In addition to this the designs also contained background imagery of outback scenery, mountainous hinterland, and a detailed city scape. Each product line featured one or two parts of each scene that related to the locations the globes were designed to be used.

To complete the package written infomation on each was combined with a short usage statement and easy to read graphs showing output and colour compared to a standard OEM globe. The charts and infomation were used in brochures, catalogues and on the header card for retail displays.

The retail displays were designed to keep the packaging in distinct vertical lines to make choosing the right globe easy no matter which globe type the customer required.

The products have made a successful launch into the marketplace and our feedback so far indicates that customers find the application system of categorisation easy to use and helpful for making an informed buying descision.

If your brand or product could do with some help like the Megalight range of globes, talk to us today via our Contact page.

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