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Imagine one of your salesmen or employees was out in public actively bagging or talking down your company. What if they were making up lies about how your business operates and were spreading the misinformation to all your current and potential customers? Unfortunately a lot of company logos are out there in the big bad world doing just this.

Most business owners have a good grasp on what their business represents. They may even have a vision for where they want their business to be in five or ten years. But what if their logo is working against all of this, presenting a very different company in the eyes of their customers or clients?

I did a logo survey a few years ago with some randomly selected people using keywords selected by the company owners to describe how they saw their own business. The owners internally saw their business as young, modern, international, diverse and efficient. Each person was simply asked if they thought the company that the logo belonged to was youthful, modern and so on. The results show that in all categories except for ‘efficiency’ less than forty percent of the respondents saw the company in the same way as the owners.

Now this is not to say that the company wasn’t all of these things, but the point is from an external point-of-view the company’s customers, potential customers and investors were seeing the business in a very different way.

I then went through the design process and designed a new logo which then went through the same logo survey test. As you can see from the graph the new logo rated much higher in all categories and therefore would present the company in a much better way.

So in the same way you wouldn’t tolerate a malicious employee, don’t let a badly designed logo keep your business from achieving it’s full potential. The first contact a customer has with your company almost aways involves your logo, whether it’s an ad, business card, sign, website, shop front or packaging. Therefore your logo has the important job of summing up everything that your company is and does in the first split second that people lay eyes on it – so you need to make sure it’s doing it’s job

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Ben Johnston

A core belief of mine is that working with clients on their brand identity should be fun, challenging and meaningful. I work with business owners to realise their own passion and vision for the future—seeing their consequential success is a testament to the power of brand identity.  

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