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WhippetFunDayJun14 124

These are some photo highlights from the June 2014 ‘Whippet Fun Day’, run by The Whippet Club of Queensland. The Whippet Club’s rescue coordinator Sue Spencer wrote some words about the day:

We held our June 1 Whippet Club picnic lunch yesterday at the Victoria Park, Spring Hill dog park. WOW, what a turn up. We had about 40 whippets and their owners and four legged brothers/sisters come to join us. I have to say it would have been one of the largest whippet gatherings we have had. Our fun days just get bigger and bigger.

‘Two of our Club members spoke, Pat Adam about the history of the breed and Jillian Broomhead spoke about tracking with your whippets. Both ladies were very interesting and everyone enjoyed learning new things about our beautiful dogs.

‘It was great to see so many new faces and meet all their beautiful dogs. We had young teenagers from about five months up to our dear oldies. Every colour in the whippet pallet including a totally black one and a couple of black and white whippets. The dogs raced around playing and chasing each other for the full 3.5 hours. No fights just lots of smiling, happy whippets. I have had lots of feedback to say many whippets crashed on the drive home and one little darling couldn’t even finish her dinner she was so tired. 

‘As the rescue coordinator I was thrilled to meet up with dogs I have re-homed and to see how well they have settled into their new homes and how totally in love their new owners are with them. Makes my job worthwhile with such happy endings.’

For more information on the Whippet Fun Days, visit The Whippet Club of Queensland’s website:

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