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Brand identity and logo design that empowers businesses to communicate their competitive edge, purpose and personality.

Evocative is all about empowering your business to establish and communicate its brand. Creating that brand is the process of establishing and refining what your business does and how it is different from your competitors, investigating who your customers are while determining what needs and wants those customers have, plus discovering the true purpose of why your business does what it does. All of this is then worked and designed into every aspect of the brand identity, logo design and communications.

Strategic and evocative branding empowers businesses to:

  • Guide business decisions based on the purpose and personality of the brand
  • Increase staff morale and productivity via clarity of and engagement with the brand
  • Communicate with clients and customers who identify and connect with the brand
  • Stand out and differentiate from competitors to be successful and profitable

Evocative offers consultation to establish your business’ competitive edge and purpose, develop and design the branding strategy, then communicate the brand via a range of creative services:

  • Brand identity and logo design
  • Graphic design and visual communication
  • Photography, videography and Photoshop
  • Written message and copywriting

Evocative means expressive, moving, striking, vivid and meaningful.

Ben Johnston

I have always loved brand identity. As a kid I used to draw logos on my Matchbox® cars to create mini fleets of vehicles complete with matching buildings and signage. A few decades later and my continued intrinsic connection to brand design has intensified to the point that my wife and I have created our own brand identity design company.

While graphic design is my profession and brand identity is the main focus, I am also a photographer and writer with over fifteen years’ experience in all things creative. In 2003 I gained an honours degree in design majoring in brand identity and logo design. Since then my commercial experience includes working in boutique design agencies, a major advertising agency, various in-house design and marketing roles, and now running my own business.

A core belief of mine is that working with clients on their brand identity should be fun, challenging and meaningful. It is a privilege to help build the businesses and dreams of my clients, and seeing them succeed in business is inspirational.

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