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Evocative helps businesses and organisations to communicate their story. We help you discover, establish and refine your organisation’s mission and your clients’ needs and desires. Then we design this—your story—into every aspect of your branding and communications.

Our services include logo design and branding; graphic design and visual communication; photography, videography, and digital manipulation; plus written creative and copywriting. We empower you to communicate with clients who connect with your story; to differentiate yourself from competitors in order to increase success and profitability; to make business decisions that are consistent with your mission; and to increase staff morale and productivity through a clear understanding of your mission.

Evocative means expressive, moving, striking, revealing, vivid and meaningful.

Ben Johnston

Ben has over fifteen years’ experience in all things creative—plus an honours degree in design majoring in corporate identity, branding and visual communication. His commercial experience includes working in boutique design agencies, a major advertising agency, plus various in-house design and marketing roles.

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