inspired, engaged and connected

Organisations with evocative branding perform better with inspired leaders, engaged teams, and connected customers.

Companies and organisations that understand and communicate their value and purpose are more ambitious. They make better strategic business decisions that create improved outcomes, they attract and engage talented team members that drive innovation, and they gain greater trust and connection with more loyal customers.

Owners and managers of organisations gain clarity and confidence because they know who they are and how to talk about themselves. Staff and team members are more engaged and motivated with a sense of purpose—they know why they are coming to work. And the organisation attracts customers that are more engaged and connected to the brand, allowing purchases to be based on value rather than price while also driving word-of-mouth referrals.

Evocative creates meaningful brand designs that communicate value and purpose to drive performance.

Humans are visual creatures, with more than eighty per cent of our brain's processes being related to visual input. Visual communication helps us to understand the world by taking ideas and concepts, distilling them to their essence, and presenting them in a way that makes sense. This is at the core of what we do.

We take a large amount of information about a business, refine it down to key benefits to the customer, and create a story that defines purpose, process and products—creating a shared understanding between leaders, employees and customers. Our clients gain clarity around the purpose of their business, what’s in it for their customers, and the confidence to articulate their story in a concise and meaningful way. This story is brought to life via the the brand design process:







Evocative: bringing powerful images and feelings to mind.

Ben Johnston
Director + Brand Designer

I have always loved brand design. As a kid I used to draw logos on my Matchbox® cars, I studied brands in great detail, and spent many hours drawing and creating my own designs. A few decades later my intrinsic connection to brand design has made Evocative more than just a brand design studio—it's an obsession.

In 2003 I gained an honours degree in design majoring in brand design, and I'm now approaching twenty years of commercial experience in design. This experience includes working in boutique design agencies, a major advertising agency, various in-house design and marketing roles, and now my own brand design studio.

I believe the work we do with clients on their brand design should be exciting, challenging and meaningful. Working with clients to realise and embrace their own personal passions and vision for the future, inspires both us and them in life and in business.

Renée Johnston
Director + Brand Designer

I've always had a strong interest in visual arts ever since I was a preschooler, where I happily painted away for hours at my easel experimenting with colour and shape. My chosen field of tertiary study was a Bachelor of Design where I discovered a passion for brand design and colour psychology.

I thoroughly enjoy the brand storytelling process we go through with our clients—in particular looking at how colour psychology can dramatically affect how people feel and think about a brand. And like my younger self, I still very much enjoy spending hours creating and working with colour and shape.