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Creative Communication

Evocative works with companies through every step of the branding process: from clarifying who the company is and the core reason why they do what they do, right through to delivering the final design and execution of the brand identity.

Collaboration is key—as is courage, conviction, creativity and communication.

Key functions of an effective brand identity:


Brand identity helps customers and prospects choose from an overwhelming array of companies and product choices


Brand identity communicates the quality and value of a company’s products or services to their customers and prospects


Brand identity creates distinctive visuals and evocative messaging that allows customers and prospects to connect and identify with a company

Brand architecture: touchpoints and stakeholders

When to start the brand identity design process:

• Creating a new company
• Launching a new service, product or product range
• Company merger, acquisition or sale
• Strategic company name change
• Change in product or service offering
• Shift in company vision, mission and values
• Repositioning to suit a changed or new market
• Tired or irrelevant brand needs an update or refresh
• Current identity is inconsistent and lacks cohesion

Ben Johnston

I have always loved brand identity. As a kid I used to draw logos on my Matchbox® cars to create mini fleets of vehicles complete with matching buildings and signage. A few decades later and my continued intrinsic connection to brand design has intensified to the point that I created Evocative—a specialist brand identity design company.

While graphic design is my profession and brand identity is the main focus, I am also a photographer and writer with over fifteen years’ experience in all things creative. In 2003 I gained an honours degree in design majoring in brand identity and logo design. Since then my commercial experience includes working in boutique design agencies, a major advertising agency, various in-house design and marketing roles, and now running my own business.

A core belief of mine is that working with clients on their brand identity should be fun, challenging and meaningful. I work with business owners to realise their own passion and vision for the future—seeing their consequential success is a testament to the power of brand identity.

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